The taxi app, which is well-known in Europe, has won an award: The „Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität“ (DISQ) – German Institute for Service Quality – has awarded us first prize in the category „Service per App“ – service via app.

Taxi apps that offer their services throughout Germany were examined. Only apps that are available in both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store and have more than 100,000 downloads in the Google Play Store were considered.

As part of a comprehensive test, the areas of user-friendliness and the utility value (functions and content) of the app were examined. A usability test in the form of a user assessment provided information about the user-friendliness of the app. A fixed set of criteria was used to determine how easy it is to get started with the app, how intuitive and convenient it is to use, whether the information is well presented and to what extent the design is convincing.

In order to be able to assess the apps as precisely as possible, the trained test users performed topic-specific tasks, such as ordering cab rides for one/several people in different cities at the current/later time. The apps were analyzed on both Android and iOS devices. In the course of a utility analysis, experts looked at the topic-related information and functions from the perspective of app users.

The result of the tests is a confirmation of the dedicated cooperation of more than 160 taxi dispatch centers, as came in first place according to all the above criteria and was the only app to receive the rating „very good“. Free Now landed in second place, followed by Sixt Ride and Uber came fifth with a score of „Satisfactory“.

From left ro right: Position, company, points, quality rating
Image source: Deutsches Institut für Servicequalität (DISQ)

The category in which the taxi apps were tested is called „Service per App“ – service via app. The Service Institute awards prizes in a total of 49 categories, honoring established companies as well as start-ups that set standards in terms of service.

Image source: Thomas Ecke / DISQ / ntv

Hermann Waldner, founder and managing director of the European taxi brand and its operating company fms Systems GmbH, was invited to the award ceremony at Bertelsmann’s representative office on Unter den Linden in Berlin, together with marketing manager Jens Schmiljun.

From DISQ it says: „There can be no question of a service desert in Germany.“ Managing Director Markus Hamer: „Viewed as a whole, the service achieves a good level. In particular, on-site advice is convincing in many sectors. The award recognizes established companies as well as start-ups that set standards in terms of service.“

Hermann Waldner and Michael Weiss, the managing directors and founders of, thank all the participating head offices and their employees for their commitment and cooperation:

„We can all be proud of each other. Together we have proven that good work also leads to high quality.

As a result, we can not only compete with heavyweights among our competitors, but now have proof that we can do even better.

This is a good day for the German and European cab industry.
The award goes to every single employee at the headquarters involved.“

Article: Axel Rühle (Taxi Times)


Date: February 2023