With the taxi headquarters Taxi Lloyd 40004 from Bremerhaven the taxi.eu network in northern Germany is growing. The new premium partner in Bremerhaven ensures fast and reliable processing of taxi orders via the taxi.eu app. If you have any questions, the Taxi Lloyd Call Center is also available around the clock on 0471-40004.

Taxi.eu is pleased about the reinforcement from Bremerhaven and wishes the taxi customers a pleasant journey with the Taxi App for Europe and Taxi Lloyd 40004.

Taxi Lloyd Bremerhaven in the 1950s
The Bremerhaven taxi business was established as a branch office in the post-war period and was founded by Bremen merchants. The difficult initial period required a high degree of improvisation when setting up the taxi headquarters. Missing spare parts and vehicles without heating or comfort presented drivers and customers alike with great challenges that were mastered with inventiveness and flexibility.

The Taxi Lloyd headquarters in Bremerhaven today
Today Taxi Lloyd has the largest vehicle fleet in Bremerhaven with more than 70 taxis and can thus meet the increasing demand of passengers. By using the most modern telephone and radio technology and the AutoBooking system TaxiLloyd offers its customers a modern and efficient service for taxi orders. The new premium partnership with taxi.eu makes it possible to book the services of Taxi Lloyd directly from the taxi app for Europe. Conversely, Bremerhaven-based Taxi Lloyd customers can now order a taxi in more than 130 European cities quickly and conveniently via iPhone, smartphone or tablet PC using the taxi.eu app.