Capital Taxi

In the German capital, which has changed more than almost any other city in the world since the political upheaval in 1989, revolutionary changes have also taken place in the taxi industry.

While years ago often had to wait a long time in a telephone loop before ordering a taxi, today offers you the possibility to place your order fully automatically within seconds. It couldn’t be quicker and more comfortable!

Whether you need a taxi in Charlottenburg, Mitte, Kreuzberg, Friedenau, Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain or in another district of Berlin: it takes on average 3 minutes until the taxi is with you.

7200 taxis in Berlin

With Taxi Berlin (030) 202020 and Funktaxi Berlin (030) 261026, two large and renowned taxi centres ensure the fast and secure service of the app in Berlin. Taxi Berlin, the largest taxi headquarters in the capital, has more than 5,200 taxis in and around Berlin. Radio taxi Berlin is ready with another 2,000 cars. Together, the two Berlin taxi centres are able to handle orders very quickly using the taxi app. Numerous special requests, such as environmentally friendly eco-taxis, taxis with child seats (even for newborns) or station wagons can also be fulfilled.

24/7 service

The Berlin taxi industry looks forward to welcoming its guests and, with its cross-company commitment to, offers modern ordering options via taxi app. There are about 6,000 taxis in Berlin for, far more than for any other taxi app. The high availability guarantees short waiting times compared to the competition. If desired, customers can call one of the Berlin taxi centres around the clock for further assistance and clarification of questions regarding taxi orders.