The port city, which is located in the northern part of the country, is the capital and also the most populous city in the Netherlands. Although Amsterdam is not one of the largest metropolises in Europe in terms of area, visitors can expect great things there. The cultural diversity is reflected in all corners of the city and welcomes lovers of architecture and art just as openly as in-crowds who want to shop and celebrate in Amsterdam to their heart’s content. Visitors can expect a colourful mixture of then and now. There are various ways to explore these facets: Whether traditional canal trips, on foot or by public transport. In Amsterdam, everyone arrives at their desired destination.

The capital of the Netherlands has an excellent transport network, which of course also includes taxis. With 1250 taxis and 1500 certified drivers, Taxicentrale Amsterdam – TCA for short – is well positioned and offers perfect service around the clock, 365 days a year. Call +31 20 77 77 77 77 7 or use, the taxi app for Europe, to order your next taxi day and night, for example to go to the famous Anne Frank House, the Van Gogh Museum or to the Amsterdam Dungeon on time for Halloween.

As the high volume of traffic, especially at junctions, can lead to heavy traffic jams, taxi drivers are prohibited from stopping in most places in Amsterdam. Therefore it is not recommended to attract the attention of a taxi by waving at it.

The city has responded by setting up dozens of taxi ranks where residents and tourists can board without obstructing traffic. These taxi ranks are marked with a large T. Taxis, which are allowed to hold at these permanently installed ranks, have a specially issued permit. Naturally, the entire fleet of TCA has these important certificates, which are intended to push “black sheep” of the industry out of the market in the long term in order to sustainably improve the quality in the taxi industry.

Additional security is provided by the taxi app, which displays the approximate price for the taxi ride in advance. This way you are spared unpleasant experiences.

A little tip on the side: If you want to travel in Amsterdam with very special taxis, you should take a seat in one of the bicycle taxis, water taxis, in a disco taxi or in a traditional horse-drawn carriage.

Whether you need a taxi in Jordaan, on Oostelijke Eilanden, in Bos en Lommer, Osdorp, Schiphol or Slotervaart – or in another city in Europe – one of the many taxis that can be reached by is with you in a few minutes.