supported the ESC with an impressive overall result

There was one clear winner at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna:

All the stars were driven to the red carpet in the green taxis of

Thanks to the shuttle service with almost 4,400 journeys, all 40 stars, delegations and 1,700 accredited journalists were able to be reliably transported to the large number of ESC events in an environmentally-friendly manner.

The operative partner of in Vienna was the “Taxi 40100“ taxi office, which met this challenge with flying colours and bore the lion’s share of the financial cost.

6 Tesla vehicles and another 114 environmentally friendly taxis had been provided with the official logo of and the branding of the ESC in preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest.

Its appearance was a real eye-catcher in the Viennese cityscape!

Vienna succeeded in staging the ESC as an event with a wide public appeal.

Around 200 million people throughout the world watched the ESC final, 100,000 visitors cheered on their favourites in the Vienna City Hall, the website of ORF, the hosting TV station, registered 25 million views and the Facebook page of ORF also attracted 1.2 million visitors in the final week alone.

All these numbers verify that the visibility of in the international community increased considerably during the ESC.

The logo has a prominent place in many press photos of the red carpet, and the pictures of the 6 Tesla vehicles with the ESC branding and the logo also received positive ratings from many fans on the mobile site of ORF.

The well-respected business journal “Focus Money Online” published an extensive report about the successful presence of at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. You will find the complete article here.

„Green Taxis“ at the Eurovision Song Contest

This year the major musical event was organized as a “Green Event” for the first time in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

Andrä Rupprechter, the Austrian Minister for the Environment, and Alexander Wrabetz, the director general of ORF, were therefore delighted with the 114 hybrid and 6 Tesla vehicles in the vehicle fleet:

“One of the greatest challenges in organizing the Song Contest as a green event was the issue of mobility. I was therefore very pleased that we could offer our international guests an attractive and environmentally friendly supplement to public transport through the collaboration with (…),” says Alexander Wrabetz, director general of the ORF.

We are proud that we have shown the international community the innovative capacity and modernity of the taxi industry with the as well as the high level of cohesion of the international taxi office community.

A special thanks goes to the following taxi offices and companies for their spontaneous support of the Eurovision Song Contest project:

  • Taxi 40100 Wien
  • Hansa-Funk Hamburg
  • IsarFunk München
  • Turkey
  • Antwerp-Tax
  • Autolux Brussels
  • Taxifunk Schwechat
  • fms Systems GmbH
  • Austrosoft Weiss Datenverarbeitung GmbH
  • Taxi Berlin.
We look forward to continuing our successful business relationship!

The Team